To cultivate classically trained, lifelong learners, committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, who will enrich their community and God’s kingdom.

Cair Paravel Latin School aspires to become the premier classical Christian, liberal arts school in America.


Students at classical Christian schools receive opportunities to consider and to think about things which are lovely, pure, just, honorable and true. They are taught that there is lovely art, honorable speech, and admirable music. Objective standards exist in art, music, literature, and speech and students are taught to recognize and apply such standards.

Classical Christian schools also recognize the limits of their work. We recognize that God gave authority and responsibility for raising and teaching children to parents, not to schools. When children are taught well and consistently by their parents, their church, and their school, good fruit is often borne in their lives.


The Board of Directors of Cair Paravel Latin School meets monthly to establish policy, review financial affairs, and evaluate the effectiveness of the long-term strategic plan.


  1. Became a charter member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) in 1994 which now has 475 member schools. CPLS is one of only 60 schools nationwide to receive full ACCS accreditation which was first granted in October of 2014. This accreditation is a rigorous process that thoroughly evaluates the effectiveness of the organization and provides a measurement for excellence.
  2. Has been an approved member of the Kansas State High School Activities Association since Fall of 2021 and currently competes in the 2A Division.
  3. Intentionally does not pursue accreditation with the State of Kansas or other government agencies because their goals and objectives are often antithetical to the mission and vision of CPLS. The graduation requirements at CPLS surpass the requirements for Kansas public schools and this has never been an impediment for graduates when applying to colleges or universities.