Tuition Rates

2022 – 2023 Tuition Rates

The majority of CPLS school fees are included within tuition costs and service hours are not required from parents. 

ProgramAnnual Monthly
Little Lions$6,210$517.5$258.75
Grades K – 4th$8,454$704.50$352.25
Grades 5th – 6th$8,604$717.00$358.50
Grades 7th – 8th$9,387$782.25$391.13
Grades 9th – 12th$9,627$802.25$401.13

12-month payments are an option

What is not included in tuition?

Before + after school care
Athletic fees
Annual re-enrollment fee each Spring ($100 per family) 

All other expenses associated with being an enrolled student, including field trips and traveling tours are incorporated into the cost of tuition.

* Meals are provided as part of the Little Lions tuition


Other Tuition Programs

Family Loyalty Tuition Program

The Family Loyalty Program is available to families with two or more children. This program provides a $300 tuition discount ($25 per month per child, starting with the second child) per year. For more information about receiving the discount, contact the Business Office at

Tuition Assistance

Each year the CPLS Board of Directors designates a pool of funds for financial assistance for new and returning students. CPLS uses FACTS Grant & Aid, a third party organization, to objectively assess financial need. 

Families requesting assistance will complete an online application each year once their taxes are filed. An application fee of $30 is paid by the applicant via Visa, MasterCard or American Express at the time the application is submitted. FACTS recommendations are sent directly to CPLS and awards are calculated based upon budgeted dollars available. 

Family financial information is kept confidential by FACTS.

Every family is unique, and we are here to help you determine the best plan for this important investment. All families applying for tuition assistance should tour the school and have a conversation with our Admissions Director prior to completing the FACTS Grant & Aid application.

Families who qualify for tuition assistance may also qualify for our Reduced Lunch Program.

Read the FACTS Grant & Aid parent resource page for an understanding of the application process.

* Please Note: We do not provide tuition assistance for the Little Lions program on the CPLS campus or for part-time students so please do not apply for FACTS if your only child is enrolling in one of these programs. If you have a CPLS student and do fill out a FACTS application, please do not include Little Lions or part-time students in your student count as they are not considered tuition-based.

If you have questions, call FACTS Grant & Aid at (866)-441-4637.

Tuition Assistance

Non-Traditional Students

Part-Time Studies
CPLS offers part-time studies for homeschooling families. Students in grades 9th-12th may enroll in as many courses as the schedule allows. Enrollment is limited to the space available for students in each course. Some prerequisites may be required.  Each 90-minute block course is $900 for a full year. The cost is prorated for shorter courses.  

International Students
Cair Paravel Latin School now has approval from the Immigration and Naturalization Service (the “INS”) to issue I-20 Visas for Foreign Exchange Students. CPLS has a limited number of openings for students interested in grades 9th-12th who have a student visa and may or may not be seeking a diploma. Contact the admissions director at for more information.