Alumni Spotlight: Bridget Cornwell

Today’s alumni spotlight focuses on Bridget Cornwell, CPLS Class of 2014 and current Washburn University senior                                          

As an Art Education major, Bridget was required to create an exhibit with a central concept shown through a variety of mediums. The title of her show was Returning to the Roots, with themes revolving around family, identity, and growth. These themes, which also relate to her studies in Elementary Education, were developed from her reflection of the person she is and who she will become. Bridget says, “Often, we are asked whether nature or nurture determines our behavior and outcome, and generally we find it is a mix.” These concepts are embodied in Bridget’s work through images such as the roots of a tree, which involve interactions between humans, nature, and time. On top of creating, organizing, and publicizing her work, Bridget also gave a gallery talk to give her viewers the chance to ask questions about her art and experiences. All of the experiences that formed her person and molded her character are unique, but also relatable to others. Bridget’s hope is that through the artwork she created, the audience can reflect on their own past experiences that molded their own unique identity.

     During Bridget’s time as an art student at Washburn, she has been blessed with outstanding teachers that invest in her and set her up for success.  Bridget has had the opportunity to take classes ranging from ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking to more unique classes such as Arts of Africa, Photorealism, and Darkroom Photography. Bridget says Cair Paravel prepared her for her college experience through the structured art curriculum and the Great Ideas course. “We were taught to value beauty,” she says, “and in the act of creating, we are becoming more like our Creator.” After graduation, Bridget plans to keep creating, and hopes to find a teaching position where she can share the beauty of art with others. The educational opportunities that God has given her have shaped her skills and character so that she is well equipped to glorify Him through art and education.