Celebrating our Grandparents COVID-Style

Grandparents Day has been a beloved tradition at Cair Paravel Latin School since the school’s earliest days.  Always scheduled on the Thursday before Easter, the school rolls out the proverbial red carpet for several hundred grandparents who spend the morning visiting classrooms, completing art projects, and participating in science experiments.  Students without local grandparents are quickly “adopted” by grandparents of their friends and everyone has a great time spanning the generations.

Q:  How can we capture the spirit of CPLS Grandparents Day when threats from COVID makes it unsafe to have visitors in the building? 

A:  You get creative!

Students in K-6th grades created projects for their grandparents which were mailed last week.  Some classes created cards while others filmed videos, sent completed keepsakes or wrote creative stories and poems.

Enjoy this poem, entitled “Ramen”, written by Annalise Rosenow for her “Maw Maw”.


Let me tell you about a person who is neat,  She is very special and also quite discreet. 

She puts up with us for hours and hours at a time, So, for her I make this little rhyme. 

Whenever we stay over, she entertains us with toys and games galore. 

And she gives us great hugs when we’re walking out the door. 

She gives us chips and meals and treats.  I always wonder how she doesn’t run out of things to eat.  

When I was little, I was only at her waist,  Now we can meet face to face. 

When we go to church with her, we say, “Amen”,  And when we go to her house, she makes us Ramen. 

All her abilities leave me in awe, She’s the best, my dearest Maw Maw! 

CPLS Grandparents Day honors the rich history found in every unique family.  We look forward to rolling out the red carpet for grandparents in 2022.