Junior Classical League

Latin and Greek are important to the foundation of a Classical education. CPLS students in grades 7-12 have the opportunity to join the CPLS chapter of the Junior Classical League, which is a national organization founded in 1936. CPLS is one of seventeen schools in Kansas to have a JCL chapter and the only school in Kansas that offers Ancient Greek as a language option, and so the Junior Classical League is a unique opportunity to further explore the Classical world.

JCL is a student-run club that meets bi-weekly to plan events for the year and discuss the history and literature of the Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. In addition to Roman feasts, JCL students prepare for the Kansas Junior Classical League Convention by taking exams, making costumes, memorizing recitations, preparing art, and studying for the quiz bowl competition.

Cair Paravel’s Junior Classical League allows students to be part of a national organization with a common goal that of a Classical education, which is summed up in the JCL creed,

“We the members of the Junior Classical League, covenant to hand on the torch of classical civilization in the modern world.
We believe an acquaintance with the civilization of Greece and Rome will help us understand and appraise this world of today, which is indebted to the ancient civilization in its government and laws, literature, language and arts. We affirm the JCL experience develops responsibility, fosters brotherhood, promotes enthusiasm, encourages competition, inspires dedication and enriches our total growth.”

For more information, please contact JCL Sponsor Jason Lichte