Lunch Information

We would like to welcome your child to the Caspian Cafe!

CPLS participates in the Federal School Lunch Program. 

Kindergarten – 4th grade students may only purchase hot lunch or a sandwich lunch (milk is included for either).

Students in 5th – 12th grade may also purchase a Chef Salad and healthy snack choices from the Cafeteria.  

Milk is included with the purchase of each meal. 

Extra milk and/or juice is available for purchase, or water from the fountain is always available during each lunch period.

Click here for more information about A’ La Carte.Please note that A’ La Carte items are subject to change.

Daily Sign-Up

Students sign up for hot lunch during the first few minutes of class each day.  It is important that the count be accurate because the kitchen uses this count to prepare lunches.  If your student will be arriving late for school, please call the school by 9:00 a.m. to reserve a hot lunch.  Also, if you are planning to take your child out to lunch, make sure they are aware so they will not sign up for a lunch.


K-8th:$3.35 Hot Lunch
9th-12th:$3.60 Hot Lunch or Chef Salad (7th-12th)
Adults:$4.85 Hot Lunch or Chef Salad

Families can apply to receive a free or reduced lunch through the Federal School Lunch Program. Applications can be returned to the Business Office in person, via email or through USPS.

Questions about the CPLS lunch program?  Contact Erica Durre, Food Service Manager.


CPLS uses the lunch tracking system through FACTS. Each student, teacher and staff member is assigned a FACTS prepay lunch account and may use their lunch accounts in lieu of paying with cash or check each meal to purchase hot lunches, salads, milk, and any other items that may be offered from the CPLS Food Program. These purchases may be made by means of debiting against the positive balances held in the prepay lunch accounts. Lunch accounts can be funded by online payment through FACTS (accessible through ParentsWeb), or by cash or check, payable to Cair Paravel Latin School. RenWeb lunch accounts must maintain positive balances at all times. If an account is lowered to $10.00, an email will be sent to parents or employees as a reminder to add funds to the account.

If a RenWeb lunch account does reach a zero balance and no cash or check payment for a day’s meal is available, the account holder will only be allowed to purchase a hot lunch. Extra purchases will not be allowed. Everyone is always able to purchase anything from the Food Program each day when paying with cash or check, regardless of any account balance.

Kindergarten through fourth grade may only purchase hot lunch and milk from the Food Program. Fifth through twelfth grades may also purchase salad or healthy food items from the program. Water from a nearby water fountain is always available to every student during lunch time.

Would you like to volunteer to help with lunch?

Each school day we will need two to three volunteers to help students in the Caspian Cafe.  Additional instructions will be emailed to you when you sign up to volunteer.