Scholars’ Bowl

Scholars’ Bowl is a dynamic competition with a format designed to encourage academic excellence.  Teams of students are asked questions which require quick recall of facts from academic areas including language arts, math, science, social studies, fine arts, world language, and current events.  Students in grades 7-12 are eligible to participate in this extra-curricular activity.

Scholars’ Bowl is a perfect fit for students at CPLS who have been trained through the grammar, logic and rhetoric phases of a classical Christian education.  Competitions give students an opportunity to glorify God by using their minds, while also representing the Lord and their school.  In addition, tournaments provide for the expression (rhetoric) of ideas (grammar) learned at school in an environment that requires rapid critical thinking (logic).

The CPLS team participates in an average of 10 tournaments at the high school level and 5 at the middle school level. They also serve as a tournament host multiple times during the year.

For more information about Scholars’ Bowl, contact sponsor James Seidel.