Class Tours

Spring Tours

One of the highlights of student life at CPLS is the “tour” taken each spring. These tours are wonderful opportunities for our students to draw closer to each other in Christian fellowship. It is here that the seeds of true lasting friendships are sown, nurtured and brought to fruition while also providing an awe-inspiring sojourn through our nation’s heritage.The goal, therefore, of the tours is to provide each and every student a chance to personally experience the richness and vitality of our cultural heritage in an environment conducive to personal and spiritual growth. We consider these tours so important that they are an integral part of the curriculum and as such, required of each student.
The costs of these tours are included in the overall tuition for each student.

5th-6th Grade:

These students are given the opportunity to experience the rich history offered in the US Heartland. Tours alternate years between the Heartland Tour (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri) and the St. Louis Tour (Mark Twain, Lewis & Clark Expedition, etc.) This is a three day tour, serving as an excellent precursor to tours in the following years.


7th-8th Grade:

These students gain a knowledge of our nation’s history visiting sites significant in our nation’s history. Tours alternate between the history of our Founding Fathers and the Revolutionary War by visiting the Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia, area on the east coast and a trip to the south (Oklahoma and Texas) including a visit to the Alamo, Dallas and a two-night stay on an Naval aircraft carrier.

9th-10th Grade:

These students have traditionally alternated between the thrills and challenges of a dude ranch in Colorado affording them the opportunity to rappel, horseback ride, hike, etc. and a tour of our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., and its wealth of history.

11th-12th Grade:

The vastness and diversity of our nation’s geography, culture and majesty become apparent in alternating tours including the towering skyscrapers of New York and the mountains of Yosemite National Park (California).