Grammar School

Kindergarten-6th Grade

Grammar school aligns with the natural development of children, who are particularly adept at memorization and enjoy repetition. CPLS challenges students by providing subject matter for memorization and encourages a love of learning by instilling a sense of wonder about God and His creation. In science, children memorize facts about nature. In math, children memorize times tables. In Latin, teachers emphasize vocabulary. Throughout each year in Grammar School, classically educated children learn the factual foundation of each subject using songs, chants, and rhymes to help children enjoy and engage with the learning experience.

The goal of teachers is to bring new material with enthusiasm to reach and inspire the hearts of students. An added factor is extensive involvement and support from parents. On any day, parents can be found in classrooms helping with projects, reading to the students, listening to memorized scripture, or eating lunch with the children. Their extra hands, heads, eyes, ears, and time, add a valuable dimension to the Grammar School experience.

Fine Arts & Athletics
CPLS considers both athletics and fine arts to be an important part of the student experience and important for a complete classical education. Our school offers opportunities and education in art, theater, music, and five team sports per gender. 

Both fine arts and athletics enhance and are imbued with the classical education experience. 

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Grammar School Admissions Requirements

CPLS Kindergarten Round-up is held every spring to share information with parents and introduce prospective students to the classroom experience. To apply, parents register their children for a Kindergarten readiness interview. Applicants are evaluated for basic knowledge of items such as shapes, colors, alphabet, writing their name, counting up to 25, following simple directions and demonstrating ability to maintain a certain degree of self awareness of control. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before September 1 of the school year.

Grammar School (Grades 1-6)
CPLS requires the Admissions Committee to examine previous school grades and the most recent standardized test scores (if available). The student will also be given a Readiness Interview to establish whether they are academically prepared to join the grade level for which they are applying. 

We accept students who demonstrate an understanding of living as a Christian, an eagerness to excel in academics, and have enthusiasm to attend our school. First grade students must be 6 years old on or before September 1 of the school year.