Rhetoric School

9th-12th Grades

Rhetoric is the art of communicating eloquently. Having obtained knowledge of the facts (grammar), and developed the skills necessary to arrange those facts into arguments (logic), students must develop the skill of communicating those arguments to others (rhetoric). 

Rhetoric School helps students develop their minds to think and articulate concepts to others. Writing papers, researching, and orating ideas are skills required in all subjects. CPLS adds polish to these skills to create a well-rounded student who can communicate effectively. 

Students work and rework themes written on subjects in the Humanities until both the form and substance of their thoughts are eloquent and persuasive.

In math and science courses, students learn to express their understanding of difficult concepts with words as well as through successful calculation and experiment.

Our students examine the Western tradition of art, history, literature, theology and philosophy chronologically, recognizing the “Great Conversation” of the ages-and considering what it means to be a participant in the conversation.

What is the Good Life?

Every senior ends their senior year with a thesis presentation that attempts to answer the age-old question, “What is the Good Life?”  They defend the ideas in their thesis against a panel of faculty members in front of their peers, other teachers, and parents.

CPLS Rhetoric School is rigorous, but not meaninglessly so. Students learn to understand so they can articulate, and wrestle with subjects so they can understand. The world is a complex, challenging place, so understanding it is unavoidably difficult.

Fine Arts & Athletics
CPLS considers both athletics and fine arts to be an important part of the student experience and important for a complete classical education. Our school offers opportunities and education in art, theater, music, and five team sports per gender. 

Both fine arts and athletics enhance and are imbued with the classical education experience. 

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Rhetoric School Admissions Requirements

Students transferring from another high school should consider whether or not they have taken courses that fulfill core requirements necessary for graduation from CPLS. Because of the nature of classical Christian education and our intensive college-preparatory curriculum, it is sometimes difficult for a student to transfer in after the 9th grade year and meet the graduation requirements. 

A meeting with the Dean of Students will be scheduled with the prospective student and their parents to review current transcripts and determine if a plan can be created to meet all graduation requirements. If accepted, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the student makes up any deficiencies with school approval before graduation. 

Prospective students must demonstrate standardized test scores above the 66th percentile or a GPA of 2.25 during their most recent school year. They also must demonstrate a desire for a classical Christian education and parents must sign the Statement of Faith.