house system

The House System began in the Middle Ages when young adults would gather in a city where a Master Teacher lived. With this Master, they would literally share a house with other students and devote themselves to study. The Master not only taught academics, but also disciplined them in their Christian walk. These gatherings of students eventually became the foundation of the first universities of Europe. 

Today, the term “house” simply refers to groupings of students into subsets within the larger student body. 

At CPLS, students are presented with their House affiliation when they join the School of Rhetoric. The Houses serve as the student government structure for the upper school and provide opportunities for leadership, service, and relationships across grade lines.

CPLS Houses

Each House is named for mythical flying creatures found within the Chronicles Of Narnia series.

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House Dragon

Eustace Scrubb was transformed from a selfish boy into a scaly dragon.  Later, he learns to shed his old self to become brave and loyal to Aslan.

Dragons are legendary creatures that symbolize protection, wisdom, and strength.

Colors: Navy & Evergreen

House Gryphon

Gryphons are magnificent flying creatures that have the head and talons of an eagle and the body of a lion. Gryphons appear on the Telmarines’ Coat of Arms and symbolize boldness, courage, and leadership.

Colors: Navy & Gold



House Pegasus

During the creation of Narnia, Aslan gave wings and the gift of speech to an ordinary stallion transforming him into the Father of all Flying Horses. The Pegasus is a beautiful and regal talking beast who symbolizes liberty, freedom, and victory.

Colors: Navy & Grey

House Phoenix

Phoenix are mythical birds that periodically combust and burn to death, only to emerge from the ashes as a new creation. The phoenix was prominently featured in the tree under which sat the thrones of the first king and queen of Narnia.  The phoenix symbolizes faith, renewal, and longevity. 

Colors: Navy & Crimson

House System Goals And Structure

  • Houses provide an opportunity for interaction across grade lines to foster relationships and provide mentoring opportunities
  • Houses complete community service projects both inside and outside the school
  • Students develop experience to build leadership skills
  • Houses provide a fun spirit of competition
  • Houses cultivate school pride

Each House has its own mascot, colors, and a unique crest. The House Captain, together with the Junior House Captain, leads their house during the school year. Houses work together to plan activities for high school students. Fun competitions encourage student participation. House meetings are held every other Monday and are led by student leadership.


House officers are selected through an application process and appointed by a panel of faculty. Officers meet regularly with their faculty advisor for guidance in the application of real world organization and interpersonal skill building.

House Captain and Junior Captain Advisor: Melody Congdon

Community Service Coordinator Advisor: Beverly Keys

Historian Advisor: Nicole Koopman

Chaplain Advisor: Craig Congdon

Communications Coordinator Advisor: Christine Ewing