Faculty Spotlight: Dr. William Isley

If you’re looking for an educated, well-traveled, and interesting person to have a cup of coffee with, look no further than CPLS Humanities and History teacher, Dr. William Isley. He received bachelor’s degrees in history and literature from Butler University and came to Christ in his sophomore year there. Dr. Isley now refers to his younger self as a jock, but, “becoming a Christian,” he said, “the world just opened up to me, all of a sudden.” With an entirely new perspective on truth and beauty, this transformation led him to study at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, with an emphasis in missions. He later earned a master’s degree in history from Brown University and a PhD in theological and religious studies from Drew University.

Dr. Isley has taught theology, church history, and Greek everywhere from Costa Rica and the Virgin Islands to Portugal and Russia. During his time in the Caribbean, he met his lovely wife and learned the importance of hard work and leadership when he became Dean of the School there with only one day’s notice. He especially loved living in Portugal, despite the lack of peanut butter. From all of his experiences overseas, he ultimately learned that “just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s wrong,” which is an idea discussed in the philosophy course that he co-teaches at Cair Paravel.

While he is deeply invested in his students, the true highlight of Dr. Isley’s profession is the chance to reflect daily on the subjects that he loves so much, specifically, history, literature, and theology. “History is sort of like traveling,” he says, “only, through time.” When he isn’t teaching, sleeping, or watching NCIS, Dr. Isley loves to read and has been especially influenced by the works of G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, and John Calvin. His pursuit of knowledge and wisdom has taught him much about God, himself, and the world around him.

Though Dr. Isley is admired by his students, they are even more impressed by his wife’s legendary culinary skills, which are showcased annually at the CPLS Drama cast party that the Isley’s graciously host in their home. Cair Paravel is fortunate that Dr. Isley’s journeys around the world has brought him to our school.