Faculty Spotlight: Edith Kerns

CPLS was pleased to add Edith Kerns as our new K-8th Academic Interventionist this school year. This is a new position that we prayerfully considered as a way to better meet the academic needs of our students.  Mrs. Kerns’ role is to provide academic support in reading and math for students who need additional instruction in these areas. She has extensive training in Orton Gillingham, an approach to reading intervention that is well researched and respected. She has used these methods via the classroom in large group, small group, and individual settings.  We are blessed to have her expertise and have already seen her make a positive impact in her work with our students.  

Mrs. Kerns’ heart’s desire is for every kid to love reading. She wants to encourage parents to enjoy good literature with your children at home. Here are a few facts you may not be aware of. Research shows, “When a student reads at home for 20 minutes a day, they will hear 1.8 million words per year. They will have read for 861 hours by 6th grade and will likely score better than 90% of their peers on standardized tests.”  (Source: http://readdbq.org) Take advantage of the Usborne Book Fair this week and add to your home library.  Mrs. Kerns encourages you to read, read, read!

Many of you may already know about our SIT (Student Intervention Team) process but for those of you that may be unfamiliar, these are some frequently asked questions.  If a teacher or the parents have an academic concern for their student they may refer their student for a SIT meeting.  This referral is made to Mrs. Collins or Mrs. Gossard after the teacher and parent have been in contact.  While DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators for Basic Early Literacy Skills) and CBM (Curriculum Based Measurement-Math) are used to help discern which students might need a SIT referral, a referral can still be made for other areas of need such as poor grade performance, emotional/behavior needs, etc.  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

  • What is the purpose of a SIT meeting?  The purpose of a SIT meeting is to determine the students’ needs and develop an intervention plan that promotes personal academic success.   The plan is then reviewed as needed based on student progress.
  • Who attends the SIT meeting? The SIT meeting is intentionally a multidisciplinary approach that includes but is not limited to; teacher, parent, counselor, academic interventionist, and administrator.  
  • How does my student get Mrs. Kerns’ academic services?  The SIT team will meet and review all the data presented including student data from the DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators Basic Early Literacy Skills) and CBM math(Curriculum Based Measurements).  If the team determines there is need for additional support beyond classroom and home based intervention, Mrs. Kerns will initiate services.  
  •  If my student receives services from Mrs. Kerns, how will I know if my child is making progress?  Mrs. Kerns will do progress updates via phone or email to parents.  If the student is not making desired gains, the SIT team will review progress and change the plan as needed.  
  • Is this a Special Education meeting? No.  The SIT meeting is a part of the General Education Intervention process of CPLS.  CPLS does not technically provide Special Education services of our own.  However, if the parent or teacher feels the student is not making adequate gains or suspects a learning disability, CPLS will guide the parent through the process of comprehensive testing through the student’s home public school or suggest resources to have it done privately.  This testing is not done without parent permission.  If the student is reported to have a learning disability, the CPLS SIT team will discuss ways we can meet the needs of the student in house at CPLS via Mrs. Kerns and/or with the possible support of the students home school Special Education resources.
  • Is an Accommodation Plan the same as a SIT plan? No.  An Accommodation Plan is a plan that comes once a student has a documented condition that impairs their education.  This includes but is not limited to hearing loss, diabetes, ADHD, Learning Disability, etc.  This plan is formally developed with teacher, parents, administrator, and counselor.  

If you have any questions about Mrs. Kerns and/or our student support services here at CPLS, please email or call Mrs. Collins or Mrs. Gossard.  It is a privilege to come alongside our students and we appreciate your partnership!