Faculty Spotlight: Julie Conroy

In the middle of a cold, winter night twelve years ago, fourth grade teacher Julie Conroy was wide awake, talking to God. “Hurry,” she heard, “there is much to be done. Be about the Master’s business, follow the Commander, worship the Most High.” Inspired, Mrs. Conroy carefully composed The High Calling, writing the poem that outlines the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The High Calling is dedicated to the Ladies of Cair Paravel and the Knights of Narnia.

Be about the Master’s Business

            Mrs. Conroy uses her teaching as a platform to share the truth of God’s love. A highlight of each year for her is the fourth-grade class performance of the Charlie Brown play. It is a privilege for Mrs. Conroy to see God use her students to touch hearts at Christmastime, sharing the gospel message in a play about the true meaning of Christmas. This year, the Charlie Brown play is December 8th. Through the heartfelt humor and classic carols of this play, Mrs. Conroy is able to lead her class in sharing the good news of Jesus.

Follow the Commander

            Though she initially pursued a business degree, Mrs. Conroy was obedient when she felt God leading her to become a teacher. She shares God’s heart for His children and wants to help show her fourth-graders the joy that can come with learning. Mrs. Conroy taught at several other schools in Topeka, but eventually came to Cair Paravel after seeing the performance of Florence Nightingale in the Stone Table Theater. At Cair Paravel, she says, “the little kids look up to the seniors and the seniors have time for the little ones.” Mrs. Conroy has remained faithful to God’s calling for her to teach and has been a blessing to Cair Paravel for twenty years.

Worship the Most High

            Of all the ways that God has worked in her life, Mrs. Conroy is especially thankful for the gift of her family, including her wonderful husband, four kids, and four grandchildren. Her children graduated from Cair Paravel with a love for learning and a passion for serving God and three of her grandchildren now attend school here. Mrs. Conroy says that Cair Paravel broadened their horizons, and taught them to think outside of the box. She loves teaching at Cair Paravel, in a community where The High Calling, which began as a personal expression of worship, has become an integral part of the school’s tradition.