Great Start to the CPLS Girls Soccer Season!

The CPLS Lady Lions Soccer Team has had a great start to their season and with that, includes an amazing game versus a much larger team, the Seaman High Vikings on Monday, March 27.

Here’s a recap from soccer coach Doug Woolery:

Because of KSHAA rules, CPLS is not allowed to play any of our 7th and 8th grade players (this left us with 8 less players on the bench).  As a result, we asked two hearty souls (Courtney Cleverdon and Maya Ewing) to suit up and act as subs….”should we need them.”  Both halves of the game were exciting to watch as our girls played their hearts out in a very physical and demanding game.  Most of our players never took a break the whole game, while our opponent slowly rotated their extra 12 players in and out as subs…giving all of their girls resting opportunities.

It was the first game of the season for both teams and as we neared the end of the game, the lack of subs began to take its toll on our girls.  We were pleased to see regulation time end and, although not a “W”, we were pleased with the 2-2 results and our collective team effort.  Because of the tie, I asked the ref if we would play overtime and he said, “No, not in regular season.”  Thinking the game was over, we went over to the bench to take gear off and have our post-game talk.  Imagine our surprise, when the ref came over to inform us that he had made a mistake and we would, in fact, be playing overtime.

The girls frantically put shin guards, socks, ankle braces, and cleats back on and took to the field one more time.  Two 10 minute halves lay before us and I’d be lying to you, given our cramping calves situation, if I told you we were not a little bit nervous.  The first few minutes of overtime went well and then the cramping began to spread like wild fire amongst our players.  Maya and Courtney played a critical role in allowing us to call off  our injured in order to let Coach Ewing work some quick magic on the sidelines.

Given the circumstances, our girls performed magnificently.  We played the entire 20 minutes of overtime and ended the game in a 2-2 draw.  It was awesome!  Congratulations to Erin Brown and Alair Love for their game-tying goals.

We’d love for our CPLS family and friends to attend our home games out at the Sunflower Soccer fields and you can view the full girls’ schedule on our website. We play another large school, Washburn Rural, on Tuesday, April 4 and then play Topeka West on Monday, April 10th. Please join us and fill up the air with cheers as our Lady Lions work hard to score big!