In pursuit of Truth, Goodness and Beauty through filmmaking.

Today’s blog post is by guest author Colin Sanders. Colin is a 2020 graduate of CPLS and a sophomore at John Brown University majoring in Digital Cinema.

I can say without a doubt that my time spent in high school defined who I am today.


During my first year at John Brown University, I wrote, produced and directed three of my own short films in hopes of training myself in the craft. Of the three films, one has achieved multiple awards in its festival run. The short film titled “Exodus” (2022) has won Best Student Experimental Short and Best Student Fantasy Short in the IndieX Film Festival in Los Angeles, Honorable Mention for the Student Film category in the LA Film Awards, and has been accepted to numerous other film festivals, including the Montreal Independent Film Festival, the Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift, and the London Indie Short Festival. My efforts have landed me in a videography internship in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where I continue to push myself to learn and grow in my field. 

As an alumnus of Cair Paravel Latin School, I can say without a doubt that my time spent in high school defined who I am today, and thoroughly prepared me for my college experience thus far. Not only did it challenge me to expand my intellect, but it helped me develop spiritually and emotionally by training me to pursue Truth, Goodness and Beauty.

CPLS nurtured me intellectually through the school’s core curriculum. I found myself challenged through my Great Ideas classes with Dr. Isley, my Literature classes with Mr. Boggs and Mrs. Smith, my Apologetics class with Mr. Congdon, Science and Theology with Mr. Bonura, and so many more! Cair Paravel also trained me as a lifelong learner, teaching me to chase down answers and solutions on my own and solve problems creatively.  I am actually incredibly grateful that COVID-19 hit when it did, as it has allowed me to go back and watch recordings of my classes whenever I want. Needless to say, these classes and the material have stuck with me, and they continue to inspire me when writing films!

Cair Paravel also cultivated me in a spiritual and emotional way. The best friends I’ve had are the ones I met during my time there, and I intend to keep them as long as I can! I was taught how to deal with my constantly shifting emotions and I learned how to go to God whenever I experience pain or uncertainty. There was a great amount of emotional struggle that I experienced while attending Cair Paravel (all personal issues) and the valuable lessons I learned in Narnia helped me to come out the other side as a stronger and wiser individual. My time at CPLS has inspired me to continue my pursuit for Truth, Goodness and Beauty throughout the rest of my life, and that has manifested itself into my greatest passion: filmmaking. 

I want to recognize my amazing parents, who have shown me an endless amount of support, as I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I’m at right now without them. It was their choice to send me to Cair Paravel, and it was their hard work and excessive sacrifice that kept me there. I also want to thank my teachers at CP, who were always there to guide me intellectually as well as emotionally and spiritually.

Cair Paravel Latin School is truly a special place, and I am proud to have attended.

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