Leisure through a Wisdom Feast

Today’s blog post is authored by 8th grade teacher William Barron.

A typical meal these days takes more time to prepare than to consume.  We tend to work hard in the preparation phase of the meal to produce a quality product but fail to consider the whole package.  We were designed to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.  After Christ returns, we who are in Christ will sit down with God and enjoy a wedding banquet as the bride of Christ.  I seriously doubt we will be fixated on gobbling down what is before us so that we can do the next thing on our to-do lists.  Instead, I think we will be invited to a meal of leisure to bask in the glow of Christ and his glory. 

Wisdom, personified by Lady Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs, invites the simple passers by to a meal she has prepared especially for them.  She has prepared this meal for their leisure so that they may enjoy her presence and be transformed by her influence on their life. 

The students in 8th grade were invited to a similar experience.  A fine meal was prepared for them to enjoy and they were provided two hours to eat in the company of one another and enjoy as scripture and honor was shared.  They shared scriptures they found meaningful and expounded upon them.  The verses all originated in what they were studying and provided more for them to chew on besides the great meal.  They also shared in the lives of one another as they offered toasts.  These toasts sought to lift and build each other up based on what each student saw as a truth in another. 

These are not normal activities for 8th grade students.  They are not prone to a desire to dress their best, lift each other up, or eat slowly over a prolonged time.  Wisdom runs counter to the culture in which we live.  These students, for but a moment, were offered something weird and unusual for our culture, the opportunity for leisure.  We are invited to do the same every day as Christ invites us into his presence and asks us to be still and know that he is God.  We are invited into a life of leisure through Christ as we dwell on who he is and how utterly satisfying he is.  Perhaps the 8th graders are speaking to you today as a reminder of what is most important.