The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Today’s blog post is from CPLS parents Ron & Susan Cornwell. Their fourth child, and final CPLS student, Shelby, is graduating in May.

We never thought we would see it. You know, the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.

Our oldest of four children entered Kindergarten 18 years ago and this year, our youngest is finally a senior. The years have passed by in a blur as we have helped our children with homework, bible verses, spelling words, science fairs, history day projects, field trips, concerts, dramas, musicals, 8th grade catechisms, sports, tours and finally our last Great Ideas speech.  

Throughout that time, our family has been blessed by the many families and faculty members at Cair Paravel Latin School.

We truly believe that Cair Paravel provides an educational experience that is rare.  We loved the teachers who held our children to high standards of academic excellence.  We also appreciated that the behavior expected from them at school reflected what we expected at home. The school truly partners with families through the entire educational journey.

However, there were several times during these years where our finances were limited and we were unsure of our ability to continue providing this educational experience for our children. 

We eventually realized that it was not ourselves, but God, who would provide.  That gave us peace in the decision to keep enrolling them year after year.  And each year God sent extra part-time jobs our direction that would help us make ends meet.  The Lord always worked it out.

As our older children entered college, they quickly realized what a rare education they received. They know Cair Paravel provided them with the educational and spiritual foundation that will help them as they continue to follow God’s individual path for each of them. They treasure their days at Cair Paravel and are grateful for our many sacrifices.  Looking back, we know we made the right decision for our family and the investment in Cair Paravel was well worth it.

Grateful Parents, Ron and Susan Cornwell (parents of Amy ’12, Bridget ’14, Steven ’16 and Shelby ’18)