Memories of Apples, Flannel and Tired Feet

Today’s blog post is by guest author, and CPLS junior, Emma Nasseri

On Saturday night, CPLS high school students rolled up their flannel shirt sleeves and dusted off their cowboy boots to kick off the fall season with a square dance. At Western Night, every high school student has the chance to gather (somewhere outside of school) and enjoy each other’s company in the midst of a busy school year. This year’s event, graciously hosted by the Kuder family, was a night of campfires, do-si-does and root beer floats.

Nearly every pair of boots was moving during the Electric Slide and the Salty Dog Rag. Students occasionally paused for apple cider breaks, especially after dances like the Virginia Reel, which proved to be an intensive aerobic exercise. During longer breaks, the high schoolers went on hayrack rides around the property. One senior recounted that the freshmen and sophomores were unaware of the seniors hiding along the path, until a tree began to shake and “out dropped Nathan.” Despite being spooked by their seniors and getting soaked while bobbing for apples, the freshmen excitedly discussed their plans for future Western Nights when they are finally placed “in charge”.

Times like these make all of the Student Council’s apple slicing and string-light-hanging worth it. Moments when kids, who pass each other in the halls every day, can sit around a campfire and talk about life are priceless. High school is not only about getting assignments turned in and passing tests. CPLS provides opportunities to make memories, such as building campfires, throwing popcorn and square dancing. Most of all, the school provides times to be community, where no one is left as a wallflower. Though everyone will certainly have Cotton Eyed Joe stuck in their heads until Silver Bells, most students would agree that drinking apple cider, bumping along hayrack rides, and dancing the Salty Dog Rag at Western Night is time well spent and always remembered.