Silver Bells: A Night to Remember

Silver Bells is unlike any other high school formal you’ll find at area schools.

The official evening begins with a delicious meal at a location that each class votes on. This year, the Seniors went to Kiku’s Steakhouse while the sophomore class requested their 8th grade teacher, Mr. Barron, cook his famous lasagna.

Around seven o’clock, the majority of the students begin to arrive at the dance, which this year was hosted by the Boyd family. The snow made for a picturesque background but inside of the warmly-lit barn, students could feel the buzz of the built-up anticipation for the beginning of the dances.

For the months leading up to Silver Bells, CPLS students had prepared by reviewing the ballroom dances they had learned in eighth grade. That night, they were excited to put their skills to use. Students foxtrotted freely while getting to know their classmates better and waltzed while enjoying conversation with others outside of their grade. Unlike prom, students typically don’t bring dates to Silver Bells, which allows them to talk to a variety of people they might not normally have a chance to speak with inside of school.

The last dance is traditionally a waltz to the song “Silver Bells,” exclusively for the senior class. Senior Anna Dexter remarked that it was emotional for it to be her last Silver Bells, but she enjoyed having a wonderful time with her friends at the dance. The rest of the students were reminded of the last remaining year with the class that currently acts as leaders and mentors for the school, and that one day, they too will have their last high school dance.

The night wound down with a few rounds of bowling, and although everyone was exhausted by the end, it was certainly a night that the CPLS students will remember.