Amanda Budden

Sixth Grade

Years at CPLS: 2021-Present

Education (Degree/Institution): BA in English Literature, Southwest Texas State University; MA in Teaching, Kansas State University

Why I Teach/Work at CPLS: When you walk through the doors of CPLS and become part of the family, there is an energy and comfort you have to experience to understand. It’s the senior playing soccer with the kindergartners on the playground, the students at assembly reciting the Lord’s Prayer; it’s the emotion I felt when our pastor lists the names of God and my first grader leans over and quietly whispers, “I know a lot more than that. My teacher taught me.” I’ve grown to love this school and those who put everything they have into developing students who love learning and the Lord. I first wanted to be a part as a parent, and the more involved I became, I wanted to be part of the team. I’m thrilled to be a small part of this exceptional school.

My Personal Testimony: I am one of the fortunate ones who was raised in a Christian home. Led by my father, I accepted the Lord at a young age. My faith walk hasn’t always been pretty, easy, or even consistent, but the Lord has never left me. I am secure in God’s plan for my life and work daily, and fail more often than I care to admit, to be the person He created me to be.