Amanda Pettit

Prekindergarten Assistant Teacher

Years at CPLS: 2022-Present

Education: A.A., Family Studies, Manhattan Christian College

Why I teach at CPLS: I want to be able to teach and speak freely about the hope and love of Jesus Christ in a setting that feels like family.

Personal Testimony: My parents were extremely influential in my faith. I decided to follow Jesus when I was 5 years old and remember it as clear as the day it happened. I specifically remember this feeling of my heart literally sparkling. Jesus’ presence was so evident, I could sense Him and the Holy spirit enter into my heart. In high school I went on multiple international mission trips that lit a fire in my soul that I never knew could exist. During those trips I felt like God let me see life through His eyes with how much He loves His children and how desperately He wants a relationship with them. I am so blessed and excited to serve the Lord!