Ashley Pfeifer

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Years at CPLS: 2022-present

Education: One year of early childhood development at KSU, licensed childcare teacher, 3 years preschool teaching experience prior to CPLS

Why I Teach/Work at CPLS: I can feel the difference working in a Christian environment. Being around like-minded Christians is not only encouraging but enhances my personal walk with Christ. I enjoy spending time with preschool children. It is a joy to see their faces light up when they learn something new!

My Testimony: I grew up in a Christian home and regularly attended church with my family. I accepted Christ into my life at a young age. I know that Christ keeps me grounded and I enjoy praying, spending time with him to grow my relationship. I have learned to turn to scripture as a guide when I encounter heavy things in my life. My family and I attend church regularly, and I enjoy volunteering to help with events designed to bring women together.