Bridget Cornwell

Logic & Rhetoric School Art

Years at CPLS: 2019-present

Education: B.A. Elementary Education and Middle School Mathematics; B.F.A. Art Education (K-12), Washburn University

Why I Teach at CPLS: After having the opportunity to grow up and graduate from Cair Paravel, I have personally experience how a classical, Christian education is invaluable and life-changing. Not only does Cair Paravel provide an excellent education for its students, but the organization also strives to mold their students to live their lives for Christ. Through my thirteen years of being a student at CPLS, I found that my classmates and teachers became family, that education should aim to seek the true, good and beautiful, and that each day should be lived to glorify God. I have found so much joy in teaching our next generation and strive to continually glorify God within the classroom. God has truly blessed me with the opportunity to teach at my alma mater.

Personal Testimony: I have been blessed to have grow up in a Christian household. Our family attended the local church, where I was graciously and mercifully saved at the age of five. I vividly remember praying and accepting Christ as my Savior. My parents invested and continue to invest their lives by being outstanding Christian role models in my life. This is evident through how they raised me and my siblings. They decided that sending their children to Cair Paravel was worth the financial investment in order for their children to receive a unique and wonderful education that was Christ-centered. I have had many remarkable Christian mentors to confide in and learn from throughout my spiritual journey. I continually seek for God’s guidance, mercy, and truth daily.