Darla Hass

Third Grade


Years at CPLS: 2003-present

B.A., Elementary Education with reading specialization – Texas State University

Why I teach at CPLS: Cair Paravel Latin School has been a family to me for over two decades. As a teacher, it is a joy to inspire children academically, and a privilege to be able to weave Biblical truths throughout every subject I teach. I fell in love with this school as a teacher fresh out of college and knew there would be no other educational option for my own children someday. I am blessed everyday to be able to bring my family to a place we all love.

Personal Testimony: I grew up in a family that was extremely devoted to the furthering of God’s kingdom. I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the age of five and with my father, grandfather and several uncles being pastors; I learned early the joys of serving in the church. However, during my high school and college years, I experienced a period of withdrawal from my Christian heritage, although I never fully rejected it. It was when I met my husband that we began to dig deeply into God’s word to find the Truth and His plan for our lives together. He has blessed us with four wonderful children and it is an honor to be able to teach them about the Godly inheritance that is theirs through Jesus Christ.