Dr. William Isley

Rhetoric School Humanities & History


Years at CPLS: 2011-present

B.A., History – Butler University
M.Div., Missions – Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
A.M., History – Brown University
Ph.D., Theological and Religious Studies – Drew University

Why I Teach at CPLS: I love teaching, and I especially love teaching theology, history and the Bible. CPLS has such a great curriculum that includes these important subjects. It is also a classical school, which emphasizes a serious commitment to academic excellence and helping students to learn and take advantage of the rich heritage of Western Civilization. Finally, as a Christian school, CPLS is concerned with the spiritual life of the students and encourages teachers to partner with the parents to help form their children and our students in the image of Christ. I am grateful to be here.

Personal Testimony: I came from a loving, but nonreligious, home. I didn’t believe in miracles and considered the Bible to be mostly a collection of “fairytales.” During my sophomore year in college, I attended an Inter Varsity retreat and heard a chemistry professor talk about the consistency of the Scriptures. He spoke about how the Bible was externally consistent with all truth-scientific, historical, psychological, etc. At the end of those lectures I saw that Christianity was true, but I still wasn’t a Christian. In the last lecture he showed how the Bible was internally consistent since it all related to the message of redemption in Christ. When he read from the description in Revelation of the Heavenly City, I saw that Christianity was something beautiful and desirable as well. At that point I gave my life to Christ.