Elizabeth Smith

Rhetoric School English & Literature


Years at CPLS: 2005-present

Secondary English Education – Purdue University

Why I teach at CPLS: I love literature and language. The intricacies of the English language and the profound universal nature of thematic elements in literature will always fascinate me. It is my fulfilled dream to communicate that love to students in an atmosphere that includes God as foremost in the discussion. I found Cair Paravel Latin School initially for my children. I wanted a place where a love of literature would be fostered with both the enthusiasm of an inspired teacher and the wealth of canonical and Biblical material that CPLS provides. The opportunity to add my own enthusiastic voice to the discussion as a teacher is a privilege.

Personal Testimony: I grew up in the Church and was blessed with a family that nurtured and strengthened my faith. My convictions strengthened in college when my choices became independent. I chose God because I had a personal need and desire for Him apart from familial duty. I married a man whose faith was different from my own. His questions and interest led me on a journey to become more conversant in and articulate about my beliefs. I was blessed, in that case, with difference. Those questions led me to conviction and love of God that is a joy to nurture, perpetuate, and share.