Hannah Martin

Second Grade


Years at CPLS: 2021-Present

Education: BA in Theology, Benedictine College
Why I teach at CPLS: I am passionate about classical education because of its timelessness and holistic approach to forming the mind. I am super enthusiastic about being able to teach the classical model in a Christian environment where we can really help equip students to be their best selves! I love the natural joy and wonder young children have, and am excited to instill in them and share with them a love of learning.
Personal Testimony: Being raised in a home that served the Lord and taught me the faith has been the greatest blessing in my life. The peace that only Christ can bring to our hearts is such a beautiful gift! Not a day goes by when God doesn’t show me some example of His beauty, forgiveness, or love. His mercies toward me and us all have been truly infinite, and I want to strive to live a life that will honor and glorify Him.