Heather Fay

Assistant Athletics Director


Years at CPLS: 2021-Present

Education: BA Health Management/Human Ecology, Bethel College, KS
Why I teach/work at CPLS: Within the first year of our three boys attending CPLS, I could see something was different. Our children were challenged academically and spiritually, and they were excited about what they were learning. They began to develop friendships and were growing in maturity in a way that my husband and I hadn’t previously seen. I knew that I wanted to be part of their education at CPLS.
Athletics has always been important to me, and I feel like kids can learn so much from athletics. I want to encourage students to participate in athletics and help support our athletics department so that all students have a positive experience.
My Personal Testimony: I was raised in a Christian home and regularly attended church. Even though I was baptized at a young age, I really hadn’t surrendered my whole heart to the Lord. I lived for the Lord on Sundays and for myself the rest of the time. It was in my early 20s when I suffered a ruptured appendix that I realized that I needed to fully rely on God. I began walking with the Lord at this time, and I continue to grow closer to Him every day.