Jason Lichte

Grammar, Logic, & Rhetoric School Latin, Junior Classical League Sponsor


Years at CPLS: 2016-present

Education (Degree/Institution): B.A. Classics, Baylor University, 2000, M.A. Classics, University of Kansas, 2009

Why I Teach at CPLS: I teach at CPLS to teach students how best to learn about God and the world He has created. The study of Latin affords a clear and concise method to demonstrate the logic and order of the universe via the microcosm of the Romans’ language. In doing so, students necessarily learn small facts (vocabulary and grammar) en route to unlocking bigger and bigger pieces of a contiguous whole (ancient texts). As will be true for many accomplishments in life, the reward for success in a challenging task is the ability and desire to do more of the same work. The reward for learning Latin is an increased curiosity regarding ancient texts as well as a greater ability to read the great thinkers in their native voices.

Personal Testimony: Although I was brought up in the Christian faith, I began to give every part of my life to Christ when I went to Baylor. At the time, my faith was small and I needed a place where Christianity was the cool thing or else I would not have had the faith or the backbone to continue in my walk with Christ. My upbringing, scripture memory, and discipline helped to inform my faith while I was in college. While at Baylor, my sister introduced me to my accountability partner (Mr. Brian) and my future wife.

Since my time at Baylor, God has continued to strengthen and deepen my faith by giving me children, an amazing small group at our church, enough trials to keep me reliant on God, and enough victories to show me a glimmer of the kingdom of God here on earth. I am constantly reminded of God’s provision in my life, from the work we’ve been able to do with missions to the fact that I work at CPLS.