Jennifer Toenjes

First Grade

Education: I earned my B.A. Education from Arizona State University in 1998 and taught while earning my Masters in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University in 2004.

Why I teach at CPLS: I choose to teach at CPLS to share my love of Jesus Christ and the timeliness of Classical Education with my students. Teaching in a grammar school is a blessing as younger children tend to possess a natural gift of curiosity, wonder, and eagerness to please others. I am also excited that my own children can transition from homeschooling to a place where I know they will be challenged to grow in their knowledge of scripture, academics, and character formation.

Personal Testimony: As a child, I grew up in a Christian home and I loved listening to Biblical stories of Christ’s unconditional love and forgiveness. This message was reinforced during my adolescent years by both my parents and seven siblings. As I became older, I did not devote much time to Biblical studies until I taught Bible history to my older children. Recently I have found consolation through reading and meditating on scripture following the deaths of my parents.