Kathy Barron

First Grade


Years at CPLS: 2016-present

Education (Degree/Institution): BS in Elementary Education from the University of North Dakota

Why I Teach at CPLS: I first became acquainted with Cair Paravel Latin School when my husband applied for a job here in 1997. I have seen CPLS from the viewpoint of a spouse of a teacher and as a parent. It is because of what I have seen that I enthusiastically join the staff of CPLS this year! I started teaching the Classical Christian model of education while homeschooling our son during his 2nd-5th grade years. The integration of subjects and his fervor for learning developed my whole-hearted commitment to the methodology of Classical Christian education. I love teaching the early learners in grammar school. They are so naturally curious and are not afraid to ask honest questions about what they don’t understand. I love the discovery and wonder that occurs during those early years. I also love that as a teacher I can talk about God in each and every situation we encounter during our school day. Knowing God makes sense of everything else in life.

Personal Testimony: I grew up with a knowledge and respect for God. My father died suddenly when I was a freshman in High School and that shook me. I was angry with God and told Him honestly. I was also very afraid. The unexpectedness of my Father’s death caused me to ask eternal questions like “How did I know if I was good enough to get to heaven?” I certainly didn’t have any guarantee I would live a long life, my Dad hadn’t, so if there was a way to know how to get to heaven, I wanted to know it! It took me four years searching for answers until I realized how much I needed a Savior to die for my sins. That was what was keeping me separated from God and uncertain about eternity. It was on my 19th birthday that I asked Jesus to pay for my sins and dedicated my life to living for God. I have walked with God since that day, enjoying His fellowship, wrestling with His decisions and worshipping His wisdom in ALL things. Walking with God is certainly an adventure and a treasured certainty!