LeAnna Hochstetler



Years at CPLS: 2018-present

Education: B.S. Elementary Education/Language Arts, Andrews University; M.S. Gifted Education, Emporia State University

Why I teach at CPLS: I LOVE reading and sharing Great Books with students. It is my hope to inspire students to have a love of reading as well. I appreciate the high expectations for students at Cair Paravel and the parent involvement in school life.

Personal Testimony: From age six, I went to church with my grandparents every week. I very early decided that I wanted to follow Jesus. My grandparents generously sent me to Christian schools and the faculty and staff had a positive influence on me and my spiritual life. I try to be that kind of influence on my students. Over the years, I have grown in my relationship and my understanding of who God is and how to live life in Him.