Lynette Chada

Seventh and Eighth Grades

Years at CPLS: 2021-Present

Education – Criminal Justice/Sociology – BA- Simpson College (2006)
Masters in Public Administration – University of Nebraska-Omaha (2008)
Master in Art of Teaching – Kansas State (2018)
Ed.D in Educational Leadership – Liberty University (2023)

Why I teach at CPLS – The first time I took a tour of CPLS I knew it was going to change our families life. I took two more tours with family members to show them the difference as well. I remember commenting how happy the students were in the classrooms and walking down the hallways. It was a difference I could feel and hadn’t seen at any other school. When we made the transfer we watched our oldest daughter flourish before our eyes and knew we had made the right choice. As we enrolled more of our children and stepped deeper into the culture of the school I knew I had to become a part of the experience as well. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to continue my career at Cair Paravel.

Personal Testimony- I grew up in the church and some of my fondest memories revolve around church events, especially church camp. While in high school and college I served in a young adults group that planned youth events for elementary and middle schoolers. Organizing these events first showed me how much I enjoyed teaching students about the love of Christ. After moving around for my husband’s career we settled in Topeka where we have been fortunate enough to find a church that pushes us in our faith and makes us feel at home.