Mark Congdon

Logic and Rhetoric School Music

Years taught at CPLS: 2005-present

Education: B.M., Music Education (K-12) – Grove City College

Why I teach at CPLS: I reaped the benefits of Cair Paravel as a student. I arrived as a 1st grader in 1987 and graduated with fourteen classmates in 1999. In my time here, I encountered the gamut of student-life experiences. I formed lifelong bonds with my teachers, who become my role models and mentors as I grew up, and lasting relationships with my classmates, most significantly with my wife of 14 years. I played sports, sang in choir and Madrigals, and participated in theater productions as a performer or crew member. After I graduated from Grove City College in 2003 with a degree in Music Education, it seemed natural to return to my alma mater to invest in the next generation of kings and queens of Narnia.

Personal Testimony: I was in our family van at the age of 5. There was a particularly turbulent summer thunderstorm rocking the vehicle as we tried to make our way home. I asked my mother, “What will happen if we die?” She replied that if we had accepted Christ into our hearts and believed that He had died on the cross for our sins, we would go to heaven to be with Him. I quickly asked her how I could ask Christ into my heart, and she led me through the steps of salvation right there in the van.

I have been fortunate to grow up in a solid Christian home with a thriving church family. I have found my niche in working with young people and will do all that I can to help them pursue a personal relationship with Christ.