Dr. Nicole Koopman

Rhetoric School History


Years at CPLS: 2021-present

Education: B.A., Theology- Christendom College

M.A./Ph.D., Medieval European History- Saint Louis University

Why I teach at CPLS: I attended CPLS for 6 years. In my time as a student here, I saw how valuable a Christian liberal arts education was. After graduation I wanted to teach, and I came to realize that I had a heart for classical education.  After graduation, God eventually led me back here to teach. CPLS is such a special school, and I am grateful to be back as an educator!

I grew up in the Church. I am blessed to have had parents who cared about their faith and passing on their faith to their children! Being a student at CPLS forced me to think more about what I believed and why, and it ultimately made my faith stronger. I love church history, and I love being able to teach about the history of Christ’s Church in class!