Rose Gilham


Years at CPLS: 2017-Current

Education (Degree/Institution): BS in Elementary Education from Emporia State University

Why I Teach at CPLS: I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school and I worked with an elementary teacher as her aide. I entered college with a goal to teach and have never been sorry for my decision. Each year I create, inspire, share knowledge, and open doors to learning in the classroom. At Cair Paravel I am able to openly bring my faith, prayer and the study of the bible into the classroom. This is something I have never been able to do. I am excited to work closely with the compassionate, caring and dedicated staff at CPLS.

Personal Testimony: As a child my family moved a lot, but we were always in church. My father was the Minister of Music at the churches we attended. I learned stories from the Bible, went to VBS, family church camps, and church celebrations. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and was baptized when I was seven years old.

As with many young people, my faith waivered in college and my younger adult life. I did not attend church regularly and did not read and study the Bible to help me become closer to my God.

God did not promise anyone in him an easy life and I am not an exception to this. During these life’s challenges my walk with the Lord became stronger. I know that God is faithful and I feel his presence in my life each and every day. I pray, read the Bible and worship him whether I am in rough times or in times of happiness and celebration.