Said Fallaha

Rhetoric School Literature & Rhetoric Teacher

Years at CPLS: 2023-Present

Education: B.A., Literature – Washburn University
M.A., Literature – University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Teaching Certificate – Wichita State University

Why I teach at CPLS: Cair Paravel is a community dedicated to educating young minds with the express purpose of growing closer to God and giving students practical and intellectual skills. I teach at Cair Paravel because this school is serious about pursuing God and acknowledging that He is the ultimate reason for education.

Personal Testimony:
I was an agnostic for many years and an atheist for over ten. My inclination toward literature and philosophy was actually the search for Him. It was desirable to have the answers to: what kind of man should I be, what ontology is best for understanding the human condition, what epistemology is best for understanding human sociologies, and what set of ethics should we live by? Unfortunately, I was convinced that all the mentioned questions must be in conjunction with secular notions. Fortunately, I rejected narcotics, post-modernist pulp, and I laughed at subjectivism. Then while on vacation wading in gentle lake water, I started to ponder the privileged human position in the cosmos. As I thought of evolution in that water, which is the ultimate medium for life in a secular existence, it happened. I now refer to that moment as “The Particular Baptism.”

It was very calming at first, and I could not quite hear the words spoken: “If you truly want to know what life is without Me, I’ll show you.” A rapid vision projected itself off the glisten of the water. I saw the first great nothing, then the slow progress of life, then I saw the whole history of man, then it all ended, and I saw the local universe gnarl on as if nothing unique ever happened.

After the vision, I felt no joy, no relaxation, and no distraction. In desperation, I went to church again. It was the church my girlfriend, who is now my wife, attended. One of the first questions the pastor asked was: “Did you know that humans are creatures of joy?” I lost my composure because I had never heard such true words. I gave myself to the amazing heavenly father and accepted my only savior: Jesus. Now, I am counted as Christian, and no title or identity means more to me.

“I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:14)