Sara Vincent

Logic School Counselor

Years at CPLS: 2016-Current

Bachelor’s in Social Work from Washburn University in 2017.

Why I work at CPLS: Growing up, school was my favorite place to be. I loved the smell of the classroom, the books, the sound of the pencil sharpener and the encouragement of a good teacher. I love education and learning. I love the doors that are opened through books, both to other worlds and to opportunities within this one. This love is what drove me to educate my children at home for many years and then follow three of them here to continue to work in education, but in a different capacity. I am so thankful for the opportunities CPLS has provided our family and consider it a privilege to be able to walk alongside students and families as they navigate their time within these walls. I love to see children become who God created them to be and partnering with them in that discovery through education and conversation.

Personal Testimony: I began my personal relationship with Jesus Christ at the age of 16. From there, the Lord has taken me through many valleys and allowed me to see many mountaintops. I am reminded daily of His goodness and faithfulness in my life and it is a straight-up gift to live the life He has given me.