Shela Pierre-Noel

Lead PreK Teacher

Years at CPLS: 2022-Present

Education: I graduated from Washburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in French Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education. I also have an Associate’s degree from Johnson County.

Why I teach at CPLS: Previously, I worked with children at Johnson County Community College’s Child Development Center. As a Childcare Aide there for four years, I remember most how happy the children made me feel. This led me to realize how passionate I am about working with young children. Over the summer, I worked at Little Lions and found it to be a great environment. I’m here to teach, to love, to be a good example, to guide, and to help the children become their best selves while helping them to be great disciples of Christ.

Testimony: I gave my life to Christ when I was 13 and in Haiti. From the age of nine, I grew up at the Haiti Lifeline orphanage. Every Sunday, I went to church and Sunday School. I was in multiple choirs at the church. I always thought I was one of the “good Christians” and I didn’t know I needed to do something extra until one Sunday Pastor Daniel said, “You can come to church every Sunday…and be in all the activities. But if you’ve never been baptized and accepted Christ as your Savior, here’s your chance. I’m offering a class for three weeks on baptism. Come see me.” I immediately thought, “I will sign up! I want to to accept Him.” Since then, Christ has never let me go. He continues to amaze me every day!