Stacey Hickam

Admissions Director

Years at CPLS: 2011-present

Why I Work at CPLS: As parents of children who attended CPLS, my husband and I have been amazed by the things our children learned in grammar school that we weren’t exposed to until college. It has also been a joy to see them learning about the truth found in scripture and watching them apply it to their lives at each stage as they have matured. When my youngest child entered Kindergarten I found myself with more time to volunteer in the classroom and in the school office. It was during these volunteer years that I became more familiar with the inner-workings of the school and gained a deeper appreciation for the dedicated faculty and staff that give so much of themselves to educate and inspire their students.

As the Admissions Director, I am excited to be the first face that many new families meet when they are considering CPLS for their own children. It is truly my pleasure to walk parents through the admissions process because I know what great things lie ahead for them and their families.

Personal Testimony: I grew up in a very small town with one church which I attended every Sunday. I mowed the church yard during the week and served as the church pianist. I committed my life to Christ at a church camp when I was 12, but I still viewed my walk with the Lord to begin and end on Sunday mornings. I even worked in the front office of a campus ministry for four years in college, but I still thought I was master of my own destiny.

It wasn’t until I became a parent that I recognized that I couldn’t live life on my own anymore and began looking for wisdom in scripture and developing a faith where I relied on God’s grace. I am a work in progress and strive every day to have a heart more like His and allow Him to guide my life.