Trent Leach

Rhetoric School Humanities and History

Years at CPLS: 2005-2017 and 2021-Present

Education: B.A., Philosophy (Indiana State University); M.A., Philosophy of Religion (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)
Why I teach at CPLS: I teach at CPLS because I believe that education is the life-long process of maximizing our human faculties and becoming more fully human. CPLS begins with this as its first principle of education and this is my aim in the classroom no matter what subject I teach.
Personal Testimony: I grew up in a nominally Christian household where my mother took me and my sister to church on Sundays. I made a profession of faith and gave my life to Jesus during an altar call at the end of a summer camp sometime around the third grade. Around high school I wondered from the Faith and pursued my own selfish interests. While in college, I took a summer job working at a Salvation Army Church Camp. Once again at camp, the Lord pulled me back into Himself and I surrendered myself to Him. When I returned to college I changed my major to Philosophy because I had so many questions that I could no longer ignore and because I wanted to honor the Lord with all my mind. When I finished with my undergraduate degree, I had more questions than answers and so decided to continue my studies. While at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School I first heard God’s call to the vocation of education.