William Barron

Seventh & Eighth Grades


Years at CPLS: 2007-present

B.S., Biology – Iowa State University

Why I teach at CPLS: A few years ago I attended a series of leadership classes at our church that helped people who had leadership talents assess what their life mission and goals were and how to fulfill those. Part of that process helped me to flesh out what makes me come alive and how Christ has individually formed me to fulfill part of his plan.
My heart beats fastest when I can help people appreciate truth and beauty that are found in creation as expressed in the sciences. I love to challenge and equip students to think better and clearer about who they are and why they’re here. An excellent day at Cair Paravel is when that student looks through the microscope and begins to appreciate for the first time how complex the tiny things of this world are. This is the jumping off point toward truly appreciating how complex each person is as a personal creation of God’s and how much He loves people.
To teach in an environment that connects the science I love to explore and the Lord I am passionate about fulfills my life mission. We teachers at Cair Paravel have a unique opportunity to influence a future generation of young men and women toward pursuing an understanding and love for the God they serve. Where else could a teacher have this much fun doing what God designed him to do? Only heaven!

Personal Testimony: As I was growing up, my family church hopped often as my dad searched for the church he read about in the New Testament. We explored a variety of denominations and finally we stopped going as my dad couldn’t find what he was looking for. As a result, we were moral people but didn’t attend a local congregation. I thought I was a Christian because I belonged to a family that didn’t drink, smoke, swear or participate in things that would encourage those activities. When I was in high school my dad encouraged me to read “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” by Josh McDowell. I promptly placed it in the glove compartment of my car. I didn’t think I needed to hear all that. I eventually followed some friends to church and then proceeded to play the Christian game for a few years. I don’t think I realized I was playing the game. I believed I was a Christian. I eventually became a youth group leader and even went with junior high students on two missions projects to Mexico. On the second mission trip everything changed. A speaker was relating a story regarding a time when she was pruning a Bougainvillea bush. When a thorn pricked her finger and made it bleed, it reminded her of the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head and the blood shed for her. At that moment, I heard Jesus knocking at the door of my heart and telling me it was time. I was done playing the game. I knelt down and received Christ as my savior. My life since then has been one of learning and relearning what it means to make Jesus lord of my life as well as savior. I love Jesus and am eternally grateful that He has chosen me and continues to have His hand on my as He directs my paths and conforms me to His image.