Starting the Day with a Smile

Today’s blog post is written by CPLS Senior, and guest author, Emma Nasseri

As a K-12 school, Cair Paravel Latin School provides a unique opportunity for older students to connect with the younger students they see in the hallways. A group of CPLS upperclassmen have recognized this opportunity and found a great way to build bridges between grades.

This growing group of high schoolers, known as Curb Crew, come to school early every morning to help open doors for the kids arriving in the drop-off line. Every morning, Curb Crew greets kids with smiles and high-fives. By learning their names and greeting each kid individually, they remind each student that they are valuable and worth being noticed.

As the weather has gotten worse, Curb Crew has remained resilient in the face of the cool winter mornings. In December, they stood outside in coats and gave high-fives muffled by their gloves, announcing the seventy-seventh day of school just as enthusiastically as they had announced the third.

Though Curb Crew’s role makes the drop-off line safer and more effective, their goal isn’t just efficiency. Senior Hunter Anderson says, “This is something I wish the older kids had done for me when I was little.” As someone who’s grown up within Cair Paravel’s K-12 structure, Hunter recognizes that he’s been so blessed to have good role models in older students and teachers. Now, as a senior, he’s eager to take advantage of his leadership role in the high school to encourage younger kids.

Hunter explains his motivation for greeting kids in the morning, saying, “I really enjoy getting to greet them at that time of day. I think it gives them a good start to their day.” Even if the juniors and seniors have to rush to class after Curb Crew to get there on time, they are willing to sacrifice their own small comfort of a leisurely walk to class for the sake of making someone else’s morning a little brighter.